Sale of a Property

Our Fees
Freehold Properties (Fixed Fee)
Value Of Property Our FeesVAT @ 20%Total
£0 – £20,000£580£116£696
£200,001 – £325,000£620£124£744
£325,001 – £400,000£680£136£816
£400,001 +£760£152£912
Leasehold Properties (Fixed Fee)
Value Of Property Our FeesVAT @ 20%Total
£0 – £20,000£680£136£816
£200,001 – £325,000£720£144£864
£325,001 – £400,000£820£164£984
£400,001 +£1000£200£1200
What is Included?
  • Obtaining mortgage redemption statement and redeeming the mortgage on completion.
  • Settling the Estate Agents Invoice on completion.
How Long will my House take to Sell?

For any transaction, the timescales are subject to change depending on when your offer is accepted and other factors involved, such as: 

  • Number of parties in the chain
  • Whether the buyer has a mortgage in place 
  • Whether the buyer requests a lease extension for a leasehold property 
  • Whether the searches flag up any issues 
  • Whether buyer’s Survey shows up any issues 
  • Buyer’s Enquiries

A typical transaction will take between 10-14 weeks. However, if any of the above apply or there are other factors we need to take into consideration, it may increase the time by a further 4-6 weeks and additional charges may occur. We will discuss this with you at the earliest opportunity, so you always have a clear picture of how long things are likely to take. 

Key Stages Involved
  • Take instructions and give initial advice
  • Obtain official copies of the Land Registry title 
  • Supply the protocol documents to be completed by the vendor
  • Draft the contract and collate the documents for the contract pack 
  • Send the contract and protocol documents to the buyer’s solicitor
  • Forward enquiries raised by the buyer to the client 
  • Answer legal enquiries raised by the buyer 
  • Obtain redemption statements (if required obtain indemnity Insurance quotation)
  • Approve the transfer document
  • Obtain agents invoice 
  • Draft completion statement and send to the client 
  • Send the transfer document and contract to the client for signature 
  • Agree on a completion date
  • Exchange contracts 
  • Obtain agents invoice 
  • Complete on sale
  • Redeem mortgage 
  • Settle estate agents’ invoice 
  • Forward property documents to buyer’s solicitor  
  • Forward completion funds to clients’ nominated account